Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol


Barrel Length
Stock Color
Round Capacity
12 + 1
Gun Weight
22 oz.



Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol -Buy online The Taurus® G2 is a durable and reliable semi-auto pistol, offered at a great price point. The compact frame lends the pistol for concealed carry use. The G2C utilizes a striker-fired mechanism, with a trigger safety and manual thumb safety. The Taurus Security System (TSS) makes the pistol inoperable with a keyed lock. A fixed front sight with an adjustable rear sight allows give you a 3-dot sight configuration for rapid deployment. The polymer frame has an integral accessory rail for attaching aftermarket sights and lights. Aggressive texturing on the grip enhances control, and melted edges enhance concealability. A double-stack magazine provides plenty of firepower in a compact handgun. Taurus Millennium G2C Semi-Auto Pistol fieldstrips easily for cleaning and maintenance.

Compact polymer frame
Great for concealed carry use
Striker fired
Trigger safety
Thumb safety
3-dot sights
Adjustable rear sight
Taurus Security System
Integral accessory rail
Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol

By FRED TOAST FROM gunspatrol.com

There’s nothing wrong with cheap and cheerful, which is exactly what this Taurus G2C review is about. The G2C is an inexpensive handgun, to be sure, but don’t write it off too hastily. It actually has a lot more to offer than you’d think.

Taurus renamed the PT111 Millennium G2 as the G2C (for “compact”), then dumped the PT709 Slim and created a single-stack variant of the G2 dubbed the G2S, for “slim.” For those wondering, the name is the only thing that’s different.

Some might accuse Taurus of crossing PT111 G2 out and writing G2C in crayon, and that’s exactly what happened. But then again, who cares? This isn’t a pistol you buy because of what’s written on the slide; you buy it because (let’s face it) of what’s written on the price tag. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

And how.

The G2C is a lightweight subcompact double-stack pistol, offering 12+1 capacity in a svelte and slight package years before the SIG P365came on the market. The frame is black polymer, with textured panels on the front, rear and sides of the grip, with thumb relief divots on the grip and finger indexing divots on the frame above the trigger guard.

The slide can be had in matte black or matte stainless. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the gun I tested at the rental range, so you’ll just have to make do with stock images. You can say mean things about that in the comments if you like, but my feelings will only be hurt if said comments are a paraphrase or parody of Rush lyrics. Otherwise, they will be disregarded, so I hope you’ve dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of paradise.

This gun actually has more features than you’d expect for the price. The magazine catch is reversible if desired, and there’s a Picatinny rail for mounting an accessory. The rear sights are adjustable and the front sight is a fixed post. This is a conventional three white dots set-up. The sights are bigger than you’d expect for such a small gun, though not oversized, and easily acquired. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

The top of the slide (forward of the ejection port) is melted, with a loaded chamber indicator atop said slide.

The gun has a party piece in that it has second-strike capability, rare in striker-fired pistols. Taurus bills it as DA/SA, but it isn’t like actual double-action striker pistols such as the Walther P99 or Canik TP9. Those guns have something like an 8- to 10-lb DA pull if the trigger is de-cocked; the Taurus does not. Single-action, if you want to call it that, offers no resistance but smooth take-up until it stacks and breaks at the end of the trigger stroke, at about 5 lbs. The double-action trigger pull stroke feels like about 6 lbs from front to back.

Reset is not the most audible nor tactile, but isn’t bad. While it’s far from a great trigger, it’s plenty usable and also barely any “worse” than many other striker pistol triggers. I’d rate it about equal to the bangswitch on base model XD and most factory Glock pistols, which I have always found to be lackluster.

The G2C has a tabbed trigger, much like other striker guns, and also comes with a manual safety on the left side of its polymer frame. That’s in addition to the usual trigger safety. The magazine release and slide release are on the left side, and there are two takedown tabs much like many other striker pistols. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

What about shooting this thing?

The Taurus G2C is obviously quite light, but the recoil impulse is softer than you’d expect. Loaded, it balances well in the hand and isn’t too snappy, about on par with an M&P Shield.

A small confession: I haven’t been to the range for a while, mostly due to the holidays and other demands on my time. (Being a grown-up sucks, and I would recommend anyone avoid it if at all possible.) As shooting is a perishable skill, I was not incredibly accurate. By the end of my range session, I had progressed from completely hopeless to minute of 6-inch plate at 10 yards.

I would say this gun is capable of better accuracy than its compact size would suggest, though perhaps not surgical precision. It’s definitely accurate enough for a carry gun.

I ran 115–grain Blazer FMJ brass and American Eagle Syntech 115-grain hardball through the G2C 9mm with no failures to feed or eject so I don’t have any doubts about its reliability. It’s not rated for use with +P ammunition, though I doubt a limited diet would stress it too badly. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

People might sneer because of the name on the slide, but is there any reason to? I’m not fully convinced there is.

A M&P Shield will probably cost about $100 more than the G2C in most stores. A compact to subcompact GLOCK 9mm (26, 43) is about $200 more than the Taurus. In terms of comfort, accuracy and how they feel to shoot, are those pistols worth the premium over the Taurus? Having shot a few Shields and a few GLOCKs…I’m not completely convinced they are.

Specifications: Taurus G2C 9mm

Chambering: 9x19mm
Capacity: 12+1
Barrel length: 3.25 inches
Overall length: 6.25 inches
Overall height: 5 inches
Overall width: 1.25 inches
Unloaded weight: 21.15 ounces

Ratings (out of five stars)

Accuracy * * * 1/2
Admittedly, my shooting was TERRIBLE, but by the end of my range session, it was obvious that it’s more accurate than the price tag would suggest.

Reliability * * * 1/2
150 rounds with no failures to feed or eject. Arguably not a real test of reliability, but it ran without a hitch.

Ergonomics * * * 1/2
Better than you’d think, but not outstanding. That said, it gives you a fuller grip than other pistols of the same size such as the Glock 26 and Shield with flush-fit magazines.

Customize This *
You can get aftermarket sights for it and that’s about it. Some replacement parts (springs and a steel guide rod) can be had through Lakeland LLC, but outside of that, it’s OEM or nothing.

Aesthetics * * 1/2
Name me a good-looking black plastic pistol. Go ahead; I’ll wait. It’s not ugly, but it’s not overly attractive either. Then again, the thing about poly striker guns is they’re workhorses first and foremost, so something tells me that’s not what buyers are concerned with. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

Overall * * * *
I know that sounds crazy, but give me a second here. On the gun itself, I’d give it three stars. It isn’t spectacular, but it’s reasonably accurate and easy enough to shoot. Aftermarket support is pitiful. But relative to the price point, it’s more comfortable to hold and shoot than it should be. It’s also more accurate than it should be. The trigger is on par with other semi-automatics that have more allegedly respectable names and price tags that are double (or more) than the G2C’s. If I absolutely had to buy a gun for less than $300, there’s a very good chance this is the one I come home with.

[Review] Taurus G2C:

By THOMAS MIX FROM gunspatrol.com

Money talks.

Economics is a real thing and not everyone has the budget to pick up a reliable, safe, accurate, and CCW pistol.

The Taurus G2C looks to solve that issue and put it to rest for good!

What Is The Taurus G2C?

Taurus has been around for a while and their reputation is…spotty. But the G2C is designed from the ground up to be a highly affordable compact CCW pistol – and it nails it. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

Polymer frame, steel magazines holding 12-rounds of 9mm, easy to use sights, and slightly larger than the Sig P365 the G2C is on paper a great pistol.

On the range is where things matter though…

Basic Stats

Caliber: 9mm or .40 S&W
Capacity: 12+1
Hight: 5″
Width: 1.25″
Length: 6.25″
Weight: 21.15 oz
Material: Polymer frame
Safety: Manual External and internal trigger
Range Report

There are a lot of fancy ammo brands and loadings on the market and if you’re looking to concealed carry you should always use good defensive ammo– but when we’re doing a test on a new gun, it’s Wolf Steel Cased all day long!

We do this for a number of reasons: 1) It’s cheap. 2) This is bottom tier ammo. Period. If a gun can run Wolf Steel, it can run anything.

Shockingly, the G2C ate every single round it was fed and never failed once.

Steel cased, brass cased, it didn’t matter since the G2C was able to run both flawlessly.

Since it’s designed to be a CCW the gun itself is a little small, so the fact that both magazines had pinky rests is a real boon to us that have larger hands. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

The sights are simple and work, nothing to write home about but good enough to be minute of man at 7-yards.

3-dot sights are common and easy to use by basically everyone, but something you wouldn’t expect to see on a budget pistol is an adjustable rear sight! A nice plus that we don’t see too often.

A very tacky grip means it won’t slip in your hand and is one of the best aspects of the gun because of just how good they are!

In all…we really have nothing bad to say about the G2C. There is only two things that can be seen as possible negatives but they are both subjective.

Possible Issues

Two things stand out about the G2C that we don’t love – the trigger and external safety.

External safeties in this day are becoming more and rarer but one can be found on the G2C. It also comes with internal safeties and a dongle on the trigger to prevent accidental discharges, so the external safety feels redundant and unnecessary.

The second (possible) issue is the trigger. It’s long, gritty, and mushy. But it isn’t the worst trigger in the world and it works. Plus, being so long and gritty makes it very difficult to accidentally set off – a major plus if you’re a newer CCW holder. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

Neither of these holds us back though and in the grand scheme of things, we rate the Tarus G2C very highly!

Five Things To Love About The Taurus G2C

The main points of what to really like about this pistol and why you might want to make it your next firearm pick!

1. Price: Coming in at around the $200 mark, this is a barebones price for a really good pistol. You really can’t find anything in the same price point that compares to the G2C – period.

2. Grip: Aggressively tacty, outstanding in the hand, really leads itself well to accuracy and control of the firearm.

3. It Works: Fed all kinds of ammo the G2C just ran and ran and ran. The number one most important thing in a CCW is that it is reliable and Taurus really nailed that part with this.

4. Aesthetics: It looks good, the style is nice, the branding is well done, there isn’t anything weird about it. It’s clean and simple.

5. Magazines: First of all, you get two of them in the box – awesome. And they are made from steel so they won’t be too prone to breaking. But really the best part is that both have pinky extensions right out of the box!


Honestly, where would we even be if not for upgrades? While it’s true there’s not too much you can do to the G2C, there’s always a little room for improvement!


Every carry pistol needs a light — period. You never know what situations you’ll be facing down bad guys in, so you want to be able to see in any of them. Taurus G2C Semi-Auto Pistol

The Taurus G2C does have a little smidge of rail at the front to support a small pistol light. You can probably slap any compact light on there that you like, but we’re particularly fond of the Streamlight TLR 6.


You’re also going to want a way to carry the G2C, which is where Hidden Hybrid comes in! Their highly customizable double-clip G2C holster is fitted just right for your pistol, and you can get it in pretty much any configuration you could want!

By The Numbers

Reliability: 5/5

I’ve seen other reviewers have some minimal trouble from the G2C, but my sample size of one is a friggin’ TANK. It’s unstoppable.

Ergonomics: 4/5

I wish I could grip a little higher on the frame, but the texture is great and the angle is fine. The safety lever is as well-placed as any gun on the market.

Accuracy: 4/5

That crunchy trigger will do you no favors at the range, but overall the accuracy is fine. You can put shots on a torso target no sweat.

Customization: 2/5

Add whatever light you want to the rail, but the options get thin after that.

Value: 5/5

A reliable concealed carry pistol under $250? Name me a better value.

Overall: 4/5


The Taurus G2C is a very affordable CCW pistol with a high 12+1 capacity and great reliability (so far) but still suffers from a long and gritty trigger, external safety, and possibly the brand for some.

Plenty of guys will say you should just save more money and buy a better brand firearm.


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