Remington HyperSonic Steel Shotshells


12 Gauge
26793 CS
250 Rounds
1-3/8 oz



Remington HyperSonic Steel Shotshells-Confidently sighting in on a goose at 60 yards? These are no longer a dream for waterfowl hunters with Remington®’s new HyperSonic Steel™ shotshells. These innovative loads are the fastest velocity, highest downrange pattern energies Remington has ever produced in a steel waterfowl loads. Its big speeds help reduce the lead you need to take on birds in the air, increasing your success rate and reducing the number of cripple shots flying away. The heart of this new shell is Remington’s patented Xelerator wad. This innovative design features an “ignition chamber” filled with a small powder charge that moves the shell’s entire payload forward slightly before the main charge ignites, providing increased volume behind the wad for the charge. This innovative wad is the key to delivering this kind of power without causing dangerous chamber pressures. The HyperSonic’s shotcup starts out as one piece, keeping the shot together (to put more pellets in the head and neck) before “stress concentrators” on the sides cut the shotcup into petals, releasing the pellets. Don’t ever watch pellets bounce off the chest of a long-range bird again, choose HyperSonic. Remington HyperSonic Steel Shotshells

Unprecedented velocity from a steel load
Reduces lead required, increasing success rate
Patented two-stage Xelerator wad – delivers power without dangerous chamber pressures
Shotcup holds shot together initially for more pellets in the kill zone
More kills and longer shots. Remington HyperSonic Steel Shotshells


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