Hornady LEVERevolution Rifle Ammo




Hornady® LEVERevolution™ Rifle Ammo allows hunters to achieve maximum trajectory in lever-action rifles and carbines using Hornady FTX® Bullets that feature a pointed Flex Tip® that is safe to use in tubular magazines. These aerodynamic bullets dramatically extend the range of cartridges normally loaded with round- or flat-nosed bullets. Upon impact, the Flex Tip compresses into the bullet, initiating devastating expansion across a wide range of velocities. Hornady’s InterLock® ring design keeps core and jacket together to ensure maximum weight retention for deep penetration. Hornady LEVERevolution is premium Rifle Ammo for use in all types of firearms, including single-shot pistols and rifles, and of course lever-actions. Hornady LEVERevolution Rifle Ammo

Maximum trajectory in lever-action rifles
Safe to use in tubular magazines
Deliver devastating expansion
Great weight retention for deep penetration.


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