Federal Champion .22 LR Rimfire Ammo – 525 Rounds



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Federal Champion .22 LR Rimfire Ammo -A round that handles all your rimfire hunting and training needs, Federal® Champion .22 LR Rimfire Ammo delivers reliable performance at an affordable price. This cartridge’s sweet-spot velocity design makes it a great round for autoloading firearms. Built to meet all your training and hunting needs.

Great rimfire performance at a great price
Sweet-spot velocity
Solid bullet design
Federal Champion
What I’ve shot the most and have in storage the deepest.

For hunting, the name of the game is to get a quick/clean kill without making too much of the meat inedible. Usually, this means going with a high velocity and hollow point (HP) bullet.

Most people’s first time shooting is with a .22LR firearm.

But what .22LR ammo do you choose?

There are dozens, even hundreds of brands and types, so what is the best one?

Match Your Ammo To Your Use
From plinking to hunting to long range, we have all of the recommendations.

Broadly speaking .22 LR fits into a few use cases:

Long Range Precision
Plinking is just what it sounds like. It’s learning how to shoot or teaching others. It’s keeping your skills sharp. Or maybe you just want to turn some money into noise and have a good time!

In any of those cases, you want reliable and likely strong enough to cycle semi-auto guns and is hopefully cheap.

Hunting might be super- or sub-sonic for use with suppressors. Either way, you want reliable ammo and should be willing to pay a few more pennies for it.

Suppressed is it’s own category since the ammo is weaker than normal. Sometimes a little weaker, sometimes a lot. You can hunt with it if the critter is small enough and you’re close enough or you can just have fun with it.

Long Range Precision is gaining a lot of popularity with NRL22 and NRL22X! We’re going to assume that you want to shoot at least 100 yards with your .22LR, but 400+ isn’t out of the question either. You’ll want very consistent ammo that is reliable and sub-sonic. This… won’t come cheap (for .22 LR).

“But What About Selfdefense!” you might ask. Simple, we don’t believe that .22 LR is reliable enough. Either as a cartridge that will effectively stop a threat or as a cartridge you can rely on to go off every time.

Modern .22 LR is very good and very reliable, but it isn’t reliable enough for self-defense. Nor is the ballistics of the cartridge itself good enough to really reliably stop a threat. Federal Champion .22 LR Rimfire Ammo


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