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Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun- The Browning® Cynergy® CX Over/Under Shotgun features a 60/40 point of impact, making it suitable for all disciplines of clay target shooting. An innovative MonoLock™ hinge designon the Cynergy CX provides considerably more surface area for the action to pivot on than tradition-style hinges, while creating a super low profile that results in quick handling and reduced muzzle-flip. The Cx comes with a satin finished Grade I walnut stock, silver nitride finished steel receiver, matte blued barrels, and ivory front and mid bead sights. The Inflex Technology recoil pad enables you to withstand a sustained pounding from high volume shooting sports. The Cynergy has rugged and reliable mechanical features high volume shooters demand like impact ejectors that have a secondary striker spring for more positive, reliable ejection of fired hulls from the chambers (unfired shells are elevated for easy removal), and mechanical triggers that eliminate the possibility of the second barrel not firing or doubling. The back-bored barrels with Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones minimize shot deformation and maximize pattern uniformity and density. The tang safety and barrel selector switch is rapidly accessible. The Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun comes with 3 Midas grade Invector-Plus extended choke tubes. (F, M, & IC.)

60/40 point of impact
Satin finished walnut stock
Silver nitride finished receiver
Inflex Technology recoil pad
Matte blued barrels
Dual ivory beads
Back–bored barrels
Mechanical triggers
MonoLock hinge design
Lengthened forcing cones
3 Midas grade Invector-Plus choke tubes
Browning Cynergy: A Top-Selling Over-Under Shotgun


Browning introduced its Cynergy line of shotguns to enthusiasts in 2004 and brought with it an all-new approach to a company line that has a reputation for being some of the finest over-under models available now—and throughout history. These shotguns use a reverse striker ignition system instead of hammers, which gives the trigger a more crisp feel and with less overtravel when compared to competitors.

Because inertia is no longer required for the hammers to set, the possibility that the second barrel will fail to fire is eliminated. Coupled with the company’s Triple Trigger System, which allows for adjustment of length of pull and even swap trigger shoes, it creates one of the most reliable over-under shotguns on the market today.

They also come with an Inflex Technology recoil pad and feature the Monolock Hinge, for a lower profile and 300 percent more surface area that ensures smooth and reliable operation through years of service. The gun’s Impact Ejectors are aided by a secondary striker spring for positive ejection of fired hulls. Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun
There are seven different models of the Cynergy in Browning’s current line today and each are made in 12–gauge versions. Two are also offered in 20-gauge with 3-inch chambers.

Among the 12-gauges, the Cynergy Ultimate Turkey wears Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo, comes with 24- or 26-inch barrels and chamber 3 1/2-inch shotshells. It has a short Picatinny rail for mounting optics, but ships with a Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight and fiber-optic up front. Like all Cynergys, it uses the Invector-Plus choke tube system. MSRP is $2,389.99. Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun

There’s also a Cynergy CX Composite with a synthetic stock. An ivory front sight matches perfectly with rib’s mid bead. Whether you go with the 28-, 30- or 32- version, MSRP is 1,759.99.

All four other models feature walnut stocks and the fine finish we’ve come to expect from the company. The CX retails for $1,829.99, the CX with Adjustable Comb runs from $2,189.99 to $2,259.99 and the Field version will set you back $1,979.99 to $2039.99 depending on your choice of barrel length.

A laminated stock sets the top-of-the-line Classic Trap Unsingle Combo apart from the others currently being produced in this line. It comes in at $4,359.99.

As for 2-0–gauge, it’s available in the Field and Micro Midas. Both come with walnut stocks and barrel lengths vary from 24 to 28 inches. MSRPs, respectively, are $1,979.99 to 2,039.99.

Browning Cynergy Shotgun Review


Hunting buddy Nathan Robinson inched forward on toes and elbows, traversing a radically steep Idaho canyonside in a hard-core stalk on three unresponsive tom turkeys. Chin to the ground, he slid his shotgun – one of Browning’s new over/under Cynergy’s – ahead of him along the rocky slope. As I inched along behind him I saw him stiffen, and then turn the twin barrels of his shotgun to point up the canyon wall. Glancing up, I spotted the three toms working across the slope about 25 yards above our position. Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun

We’d been working these three particular turkeys for over an hour now, and while they would occasionally gobble in response to guide Marc Warnke’s seductive purrs and yelps, they refused to give up their position on the steep canyon wall. So we did what any serious turkey hunter would do; we put the belly-crawl on them. Lot’s of sharp rocks and sore elbows and ribs later, the three Jakes bobbed their heads above the rocky terrain. Nathan’s shot sent two of them cartwheeling toward the canyon bottom, the Browning TSS load killing both of them very dead with one shot. I moved three fast steps forward, saw the third turkey’s head bob through an opening, and assisted him in a backflip maneuver with my own 12-gauge load of tungsten 7s and 9s.

While I’m not a big shotgun guy, I do appreciate the feel of a good scattergun. The first time I hefted Browning’s new Cynergy, it left me feeling pleasantly surprised and excited to take it afield in pursuit of Idaho gobblers. The shotgun is lightweight, well balanced, carries pleasantly, and comes to the shoulder nicely. Browning Cynergy CX Over/Under Shotgun


The Cynergy model I used was the “Wicked Wing Mossy Oak Bottom Lands”. It features a composite stock with textured gripping surfaces and a high-performance Inflex recoil pad. The stock also sports an adjustable cheek piece, and a ¼-inch shim so you can customize the length of pull. If you prefer cast-off in your shotgun stock, that’s available too. Metalwork is finished a Burnt Bronze Cerakote that collaborates nicely with the camo stock. The bores are fully chromed, and a nice ivory bead front sight tops the barrels. Three interchangeable choke tubes round out the package, (full, modified, improved cylinder). The safety sits comfortably atop the shotgun’s tang, and acts as the barrel selector switch, enabling the shooter to set up one barrel for close work and the other for distance. A single gold-plated trigger mans both barrels.

The action was pleasantly tight and empty hulls ejected with gusto. The shotgun swung and pointed naturally, in fact, so naturally that I have almost no recollection of pointing or aiming at my turkey – just that spectacular attempt at a backflip that he made at the shot.

The Cynergy is available in 12-guage, and in 26, 28, and 30-inch barrel lengths, and weighs 7lbs 6 oz. to 7lbs 10 oz., depending on barrel length.


Over all length: 43-inches.

Length of pull: 14 ¼ inches.

Drop at comb: 1 5/8 inches.

Drop at heel: 2 ½ inches.

Chamber length: 3 ½ inches.

Rib width: 5/16 inch.

Choke system: Banded Invector-Plus Extended.

Receiver material: steel.


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